• About Us ::

    Elettromeccanica India Private Limited (EIPL) is an established and leading brand in Cast Resin Dry Type Transformer industry.

    Steered by high ambition, with passion and professionalism we have developed a consistent and unique business model which has led us to succeed in a market dominated by a few multi-product, multinational companies.

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  • Products ::

    We manufacture Cast resin transformer with diverse applications such as power, distribution, auxiliary, isolation, lightning, excitation and rectifier transformers etc and comply with IS-11171/IEC-60076-11.

    These transformers can be manufactured with Aluminium windings (preferred) or Copper windings (optional) or both as per customer's requirement.

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  • Clients ::

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    Elettromeccanica India has a world class in-house testing facility for carrying out Routine Tests , Type Tests and Special Tests (except Short Circuit Test) as per client`s requirement and in accordance to the latest Indian and International standards. The test equipments majorly sourced from our parent company in Italy , makes our test bench truly international.

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  • Certification ::

    The products offered by EIPL are certified of its quality and reliability through various tests that has conducted on its products.

    The success of each test has given us confidence in competing with the best in industry and also made us to learn, to evolve to grow.

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  • Special Features ::

    Aluminium conductors have been successfully utilized in the electrical industry for over 100 years. The use of Aluminium in electrical appliances has been recognized since the publication of 2nd edition of the National Electricity Code (NEC) in 1901.

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